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Can a Straw really help me sing better?!

Split picture of Jess using a Straw with & without water
Straw fun!

Have you been wondering what all this Straw business is about?

Well, first things first... When we sing, air pressure, along with acoustic energy, comes up from the lungs and usually exits through the mouth. Now when we throw a straw in to the mix there is no exit for this pressure and energy to pass through, as our mouths are closed, so it is reflected backwards - ‘back pressure’ - helping the vocal folds to vibrate more easily & giving them energy.

These 'back pressure' exercises have so many benefits for the voice:

  • help you to sing with ease

  • helps to strengthen your voice

  • efficient vibration of the vocal folds

  • helps you to gain power in your voice without straining

  • helps to relieve and recover tired and fatigued voices

  • excellent for maintaining optimum vocal health

There are various exercises we can do using the straw;

  • with or without a glass of water

  • as a vocal warm-up or cool-down

If you would like to find out more about incorporating the straw in to your vocal practise, let's have a chat in your lesson or feel free to contact me to learn more.

To get your hands on a fancy Straw like mine, designed specifically for voice users, visit and get yourself 15% off with my unique Coupon Code - SINGWITHJESS15

For 2 simple exercises using the straw, follow this link to my Video Tutorials...


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