Studio Policy

Pricing & Payment

Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis and always at the start of the month. This guarantees your lesson day and time each week.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal.


30-minute lesson - £60/month

45-minute lesson - £90/month

60-minute lesson - £120/month


6 Class Package - £195

6 1-hour lessons, focussing on a specific goal e.g. Audition or Performance. These lessons must be used within 6 weeks of start date. Lesson days and time will be agreed between the student and Jess.


A single 30 minute lesson - £18

A single 45 minute lesson - £27

A single 60 minute lesson - £35


For a single lesson, payment must be received 48 hours before the lesson.


Missed Lessons

If you cannot make a lesson, you must let me know no later than 48 hours before your scheduled lesson.

If you let me know after this time, when payment has already been made, no refund will be offered.

We ask students and parents to make sure they can commit to their lesson time, as we cannot change schedules once lessons have started. 



Students are encouraged to practise between lessons, as this will help with progress.

The sharing of music interests and styles is also encouraged to ensure we are moving in the right direction together.


Events & Exams

Students and Parents will be notified of any upcoming performances and events taking place.

Should you/your child wish to be entered in for Singing Exams, please feel free to discuss this with me and we will make arrangements.

Likewise, if we think this would be a positive move for the student, this will be discussed with you beforehand.



Students will be notified in advance of when holiday breaks will take place. Please also let me know if you have planned holidays and when you will be missing lessons.



Singing should be a joyful and fun experience and we endeavour to maintain this in all lessons.

A mutual respect between Student and Teacher is expected and rudeness will not be tolerated.

Should there be any issues relating to bad behaviour, a conversation will take place and could result in terminating lessons.